D. Tertipi & Smyrnis used to be a forgotten place in which Tosoda gave life in recent years.

An environment of exceptional aesthetics, with attention to detail, where you can relax and enjoy Taf specialty coffee, hot chocolate or maybe a handmade lemonade.

However, cocktail is the strongest point of Tosoda! A different menu for every season, with unique suggestions, combining fresh ingredients and creating explosive flavors.

Enjoy it!


"Nice, friendly place next to Pafsilipo. It's a must during summer but also in winter is a nice corner where you can relax and drink a cocktail."

Giorgos Kliaris

"Excellent coffee....excellent service....and great atmosphere...what else can you ask for?"

T. Deligiannis

"Great coffee shop on the main pedestrian street of Karditsa."

Vaggelis Paschos

“Excellent cocktails, great variety, great location! ”

Anastasios Betzelos